Unified In Mission To Build Resilient Communities.

Unificare is a consultancy aimed at empowering Non-profits, foundations, government organisations and international organisations; particularly the ones working with children and in the child development sector; through provision of sustainable interventions in order to build local capacities, resilience and bring about sustainable change.

What We Believe In

We believe that we can’t work in silos.


Given the complex and multidimensional nature of Early Childhood development, this phase in a child’s life, especially for one in underprivileged circumstances, requires a support ecosystem.

What Makes Us Different?

We aim to deliver impactful interventions built on intimate local understanding and knowledge of child development. In collaboration with a global network of international and local experts, we integrate a nuanced understanding of the challenges we aim to solve, with best practices and pioneering ideas to deliver programming that meets short-term objectives as well as lay the groundwork for long-term sustainable development.

How We Help?

For NGO’s

At Unificare Consulting Ltd, we help non-profits achieve their goals, by offering consultancy services designed to improve their efficacy and efficiency and to help them succeed.

Key features of the program include

  • Organizational Advice.
  • Project development- execution and Management.
  • Partnership Management.
  • Due diligence, Project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E).
  • Training Advice.
  • Other Services

For Organizations

Our support to Government organization, Foundations and International organizations working in the child
development/child rights sector.

Key features of the program include

  • Help Donors to identify NGOs and projects to support.
  • Setting up of Universal and Targeted services (especially related to Child development) in NGOs on behalf of partner organizations, Government organizations, Foundations etc.
  • Making recommendation regarding project delivery and success of projects.
  • Delivering training packages to existing NGOs on behalf of donors.


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