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Since I graduated, I have worked in various capacities with children, including working in a reputed school in India, teaching assistant (in London), Practitioner in a nursery, qualifying as an Early year teacher, and then working as a lead practitioner. My short stint working for the High Commission of India (London) also resulted in me working for the consular section in the Women and Children’s department. In these roles, I learned to focus on the responsibilities, knowledge, and skills underpinning my work with young children and with other adults, including parents and careers; and a range of professional colleagues in a multi-agency context.

Wanting to learn more about children’s development, I joined the Children’s Services and worked for a London Local Authority. Here I learned, how a support Eco System and Early Intervention can make a positive difference in Children’s lives, especially the most vulnerable. Each of these experiences fed on my resolve to make a bigger impact in Children’s lives. I had enough knowledge and skills to work with children in the public sector. What I needed was an understanding of how the non-profit sector works, which led me to do my Masters in NGO Management from City University in 2018.

Finally, in 2021, I founded Unificare Consulting Limited, with a view to empowering Non-profits, foundations, government organizations, and international organizations; particularly the ones working with children and in the child development sector; through the provision of sustainable interventions in order to build local capacities, resilience and bring about sustainable change.

Tejeswita Bose Founder and Director Unificare Consulting Ltd

I am passionate about working with NGOs:

  • To inspire breakthroughs in the way early childhood development needs are identified and addressed.
  • To build a collaborative system that is holistic, sustainable and creative in meeting the needs of the children.

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