At Unificare Consulting Ltd, we help non-profits achieve their goals, by offering consultancy services designed to improve their efficacy and efficiency and to help them succeed.

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Organizational Advice:

Our organizational advice and assistance are aimed at NGOs function more efficiently. We concentrate first on the organizational structure, i.e. trustee board, employees and necessary systems in place to be able to deliver what it was set up to do. We then focus on the programmes and services to ensure that the NGO is delivering in line with its vision and mission. Other organizational help offered by UCL includes capacity building, improvement planning and value development.

organizational advice

Project Development –
Execution & Management

Project development advice covers the planning, execution, and management of a specific projects. It includes keeping in mind aspects of a project such as community involvement, impact on beneficiaries and public relations. We help in designing, research and execution of projects to ensure adequate interactions with the partner NGOs in offer to build and sustain a healthy partner relationship.

Partnership Management

At UCL, we believe that we achieve much more when we work with our partners in the field. We support NGOs in Partnership building and development (government, social movements, grassroots organizations). We help NGOs in creating strategy plans and annual implementation plans to ensure ongoing smooth partner relationships in order to manage each partnership towards desired outputs and outcomes over a period of time.

Due Diligence, Project Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

We support NGOs with articulating and measurement of their impact. We assist NGOs in framing and composition of case studies, impact evaluation and help them tell their stories to beneficiaries and donors.

organizational advice

Training Advice

UCL’s strength lies in offering training and advice on all aspects of Child Development. Through our bespoke training packages, we aim to strengthen the work force, so that they are able to deliver interventions from a place of knowledge and intimate understanding of child development.

Other services:

  • Help with creation of annual reports
  • Creating partnerships and tie-ups to strengthen impact of NGOs
  • Strategize and lead, facilitation-based workshops
  • Support NGOs in other efforts such as event/fundraising and outreach h work.
  • Support NGOs with their communications and outreach efforts.
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