Khel Khel Mein

In partnership with BASHA (Health Energy and Rehabilitation Trust), we launched a stay and play session for children between the ages of 0-3 years and their main careers. Here the children have access to a stimulating learning environment. The project also enables parents to understand the developmental and emotional needs of their children and are empowered to provide the care and stimulation required for the early years of their lives. We work in partnership with the local community and organisations to provide seamless support for the various needs of the children.

Research suggests that 80% of a child’s brain develops within the first three years
of the child’s life. Children need all the tools to develop the basic skills needed for
future development.

On a Primary Level, they need

They need to be around adults who help them to stay safe and healthy; develop positive caring relationships that are ongoing; adults who love and respect the child’s feelings, needs and interests and those who model appropriate behaviour thereby teaching them how to manage their own behaviour.


Children need materials and experiences to learn from and opportunities to be actively involved in meaningful experiences.

This project aims to tap into the full potential of children’s early years (0-3 years) by promoting healthy attachment with their main careers and providing them with stimulating learning opportunities. We are currently in the process of opening 5 centres in and around the area.

Location: Doverlane area, Kolkata.
Client: Khel Khel Mein
Year: 2022